Social Media Coaching

Having a regular social media coaching session with a dedicated coach is an opportunity for you to keep control of your own social media but learn the skills you need to build your online brand, increase your online profile and drive your online sales.

There is a structure to the sessions, but they are led by you. Having key areas planned out will give us focus on your individual business and your social media needs

Over time, we will cover Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and YouTube.

At the end of every session, you will have a structured plan. You can go away and implement the changes in your own time. Come back next month and share your social media success stories.

Coaching is charged on a month by month basis. We don’t hold you to contracts. When you’re ready to go it alone, we happily wave you goodbye and will always be there if you need us again.

1-2-1 Social Media Coaching – Just £45 per hour

Your business is your baby and social media is the ideal way to show the world how passionate you are about it.

It can be scary to let that go. If you want to keep control of your social media but don’t know how to maximise the potential, then 1-2-1 social media coaching is the ideal solution for you.

Offering flexible timescales to fit around you and your business, we offer face to face or online coaching sessions on an hourly basis. There is no minimum number of hours, it’s your choice.

During your social media coaching sessions, we will show you;

  • How to write a great social media strategy
  • How to optimise your social media profiles
  • Content management
  • How to find the best content
  • LinkedIn lead generation
  • Scheduling to save time
  • An ongoing assessment of what’s working and what needs to change
  • Monthly analytics
  • An insight into each platform to establish your key focuses and more..

And it doesn’t end there! Accountability is key and once you become a coaching client, you will be given access to our system where you can upload your content for your coach to check and improve before posting. We will hold you accountable throughout the month to make sure, your new skills are put in to place.

Social Media Coaching
Social Media Coaching

These sessions are guided by you and your needs. Each coaching session will be led by your own ongoing experience.