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What is LinkedIn SSI and How It Can Help

What is LinkedIn SSI?

In short, LinkedIn SSI is a tool that can be used to track your performance on LinkedIn. In theory, the better your score, the higher your profile, the more people are seeing your posts and the stronger relationships you are building.

LinkedIn SSI (Social Selling Index) is a controversial subject. Some marketers love it, some hate it and whilst there is talk of it going from a free tool to a paid tool in the future, I wanted to share my thoughts on it, whilst I still have the chance.

Some think it’s a waste of time but personally, I love it. Why? Because it keeps me on track.

My LinkedIn SSI tells me when I’ve been active and making valuable connections and on the flip side, it tells me if I’ve taken my foot off the pedal and let things slip.

So, how does LinkedIn SSI work?

Well, let’s break it down. Now, I’m not happy to be sharing my own SSI right now as I know my score is down due to inactivity but then I thought, the proof is in the pudding and what better way to prove how this works.

Firstly, you need to log in. Go to


Make sure you are logged in first and then you should be directed to the FREE tool automatically.

The first thing you will see is this;

LinkedIn Dashboard

LinkedIn Dashboard

This is your Social Selling Dashboard.

It will give you an overall % score for two categories;

  • Industry ranking
  • Network ranking

Your industry ranking shows how you are performing against others in your industry. It’s worth checking the industry you are in on LinkedIn as this may have changed since you signed up.

Your network ranking shows your performance against others in your immediate network (your 1st degree connections).

The lower the score, the better.

As you can see, I currently rank in the top 1% of my industry which is fantastic, but I’ve dropped down from 1% to 8% in my network because I haven’t been particularly active over the last month.

I have seen my score decline slowly over the last four weeks and now my laziness has caught up with me.

How does it work it out?

LinkedIn SSI is broken down into four categories;

  • Establish your professional brand
  • Find the right people
  • Engage with insights
  • Build relationships

Each of these are given a score out of 25, giving you an overall score out of 100.

Overall score

Social Selling Index

Establishing your professional brand

LinkedIn looks at your profile and activity and assesses whether you have the customer in mind.

  • Does your profile have keywords?
  • Do you answer questions?
  • Does your content relate to the industry you’re in?
  • Are you thinking about things from your customers point of view instead of your own?

Your LinkedIn SSI takes all of these things into consideration when giving you a score. Your profile should be filled with information about how you can help but don’t stop there. Your content needs to be relevant and valuable too.

Find the right people

This is a tricky one because in reality, you will never score the full 25 points unless you upgrade your LinkedIn account.

This looks at the tools you are using to find the right people to have in your network. Of course, the free version allows you to use filters, but they are nothing compared to the Premium or Sales Navigator tools so, in effect, without upgrading you won’t be utilising all the tools to the best of your ability.

You can still score a highly respectable 11/12 by using the filters and connecting to your relevant 2nd degree connections but don’t worry too much about this one right now.

Engage with insights

When it comes to your LinkedIn SSI and your overall results on LinkedIn, this is one of the most important things to measure.

Gone are the days when you can just post and run, now you need to be far more active on the platform if you want it to support you.

LinkedIn can be highly effective, but it wants you to give back, so the more you engage and get involved with others posts, the higher you will rank. Get involved!

Build relationships

This is probably the easiest category to score highly on. This looks at your connections and whether they are relevant to your business and if they are the decision makers you need to talk to.

It also measures engagement on your posts. If people are repeatedly engaging with you and vice versa, it considers that as building strong relationships. Of course, the more people engage with you, the more they see your posts so it’s a win, win.

At the bottom of your LinkedIn SSI, it shows you a chart of how you have performed over the last six weeks, industry and network averages and where you are compared to last week.


Overall performance

In all honesty, I don’t pay much attention to this. The averages tend to be lower than where you are and gives you a false sense of security.

I do look at where I am now compared to last week because, again, this is a quick way of finding out how things have improved or declined.

When it comes to LinkedIn SSI, I always say, take it with a pinch of salt. It does fall into the ‘vanity metrics’ category and you need to decide for yourself if it’s actually having an impact on driving sales into your business but as I said earlier, for me, it’s a great way to keep me on track.

There are of course, other factors that will help you to be successful on LinkedIn but this is a good place to start.

Top Tip – In the UK, it updates on a Wednesday night so always check it on a Thursday morning.

You know where we are if you need us.


Verity Wilkie
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