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Top Tips to Blogging for Business

What is blogging and why is blogging for business so important?

In short, it’s a series of articles that inform and educate the reader and blogging for business can establish you as an industry expert.

In any business, there are three types of personalities when it comes to the sales process.

Person one is your relationship builder, the one who takes their time, gets to know their prospect, offers great customer service and build the foundations.

Person three is the salesperson. They are driven by the signature on the bottom line. They have no need for the flowery service, that’s already been done, they just want the sale done and dusted so they can move on.

Two very strong personalities but without each other, neither would succeed.

However, like many things in life, you need a middleman. You can’t expect to take a prospect from the relationship builder to the salesperson with no real depth. So, in comes person two.

The one who likes to give! This is the person who will share their knowledge and expertise with anyone who will listen. They have no qualms about showing others how to do their job so they don’t need them, they will just give, give and then give some more. This person is the key to driving the prospect from person one to person three.

This person is the blog!

Of course, in reality, when it comes to small businesses, it’s likely that you are all three of these people but selling online is a process and blogging for business is the key to taking them from start to finish.

So, what are the benefits of blogging for business?

The truth is, there aren’t many negatives to blogging for business. It can establish you as a real source of valuable information and that will never do you harm. But there are some benefits that stand out.

It creates brand awareness

It’s important, as a business, to establish your brand. People rarely buy from a source they know nothing about. A blog or vlog is a great way to let your potential prospects know what you do and how you can help them.

It’s a great way to create content and provide a service whilst getting your brand out there.

Get personal

A blog or vlog is the ideal opportunity for you to show your personality. We all focus so much on being professional that we forget that our followers want to know who we are.

This is your chance to shine. Don’t be afraid of who you are or what you have to offer. You can even get a little controversial if you want to. Show the real you. People buy from people.

Vlogging (a video version of a blog) is an excellent way to build relationships. It’s hard to get to know someone online and being able to see and hear you is the perfect way to make people feel that they know you.

Build a following

If you have something interesting to say (and you do!), a blog is a great way to show your prospects and followers that you are an industry leader. The more you write; the more people will start to follow you and enjoy your content.

Add value

One of the biggest reasons that people take to blogging or vlogging for business is to offer free advice. It’s another opportunity to share your skills and knowledge and give something back.

Don’t be afraid to show your followers how to do your job. In reality, they don’t have the time or inclination to do it themselves so once they’ve tried the freebie, they will look to source help from someone they trust. That’s you by the way!


Your audience consists of different personalities. Some will love the written word; others will prefer to watch a video. So, give them both versions and cover all bases.

Time saving

Ok, I know that sounds ridiculous. Most believe that blogging for business takes up too much time, but the reality is the complete opposite. It can save you a huge amount of time.

One blog can provide you with so much content. You can take small snippets of it and create separate social media posts and then convert those snippets into short vlogs. Several pieces of content in one. Winner!

Trust building

Blogs are not used for pitching your business. Your blogs are meant to be valuable pieces of content that help the reader. The more advice you can give, the more your reader will engage with you and that trust will begin to build.

Establish yourself as an expert

When it comes to social media, your focus should always be on establishing yourself as an industry leader or expert. Blogging for your business is the ideal way to do this. It shows your audience that you know what you are talking about and you have a wealth of experience. The more you provide, the more established you become.

But blogging for business comes with its own challenges. We are often faced with barriers.

For example, confidence is an issue. A lot of business owners don’t feel they can write professionally and therefore, shy away from it. Time is another objection we hear a lot.

We understand that taking that first step to blogging or vlogging can be difficult so let us share our top tips and try and alleviate the pain and elevate you to success.

Our top tips to blogging for business

Always be yourself.

Don’t worry about your writing skills. Use spellcheck or Grammarly for accuracy but other than that, write from the heart. You don’t need to be a professional copywriter to be able to write a blog.

Do your research

When it comes to blogging for business, research is everything. There is no worse feeling than have someone challenge you on your expertise. Make sure you can back up your information and fully understand what you are blogging about before you hit the ‘post’ button.

Don’t forget your SEO

Add your blogs to your website. Share your blogs anywhere and everywhere. For SEO purposes, make sure they are not exactly the same for each platform. Make slight alterations for maximum effect.

Links cause kinks!

Don’t plaster your links all over the place. Different social media platforms offer their own version of blogging so use the features given to you. For example, Facebook has ‘Notes’ and LinkedIn has ‘Articles’. They actively encourage you to write directly on the platform rather than sharing a link to your website. They are focussed on the user experience and not deviating from the original platform so for algorithms sake, go with it. Twitter is good for links so use that platform to direct your followers to your website.

Copy at your peril!

There is nothing worse than reading a blog that you’ve already read. There is nothing wrong with fact checking but do not copy someone else’s work. It should be unique to you. Don’t get sued for plagiarism, it’s just not good practice.


Add your articles to the features section on your LinkedIn profile. It highlights it and makes it easier for your connections to find. This allows potential prospects and connections to see your expertise before connecting with you. It’s a great addition, so use it.

Clients know best

Use your clients for content sources. They are asking you questions every day so create a question and blogging board and write them down each time you get asked. If one person is asking, there are hundreds who want to know the answer.

Be consistent

Blogging for business doesn’t have to be an everyday occurrence. It doesn’t even have to be weekly but if you’re going to do it, do it regularly. Commit to a time scale and stick to it. It could be monthly or even quarterly but don’t let your followers down by getting them excited and then going quiet. You will only build a following if you are providing regular content.

Add value

Blogs are a great way to show people how to do your job, so they don’t need you. This will build trust and relationships and is a great way of establishing yourself as an industry expert. Do not use blogs as a way to sell. Use them as a way to give away your knowledge and expertise.

Call to action

Although you are not selling through your blogs, you can add a call to action. Ask for opinions or comments. It’s great to get interaction so don’t forget to ask!

Vanity metrics are worthless!

Your reach is likely to be lower with a blog, especially in the early days but don’t worry. If someone is taking the time to read it, they are already invested and bought in to you. These are the people you want to get to, so no matter how low the number, it’s the right target audience.


Convert your blogs into vlogs. These appeal to two different audiences. You can break it down into several short videos. Videos are great for engagement and to build your following. If you want to be really clever, subtitle them too. The majority of people won’t click on the video so if you don’t subtitle, you could be missing out on huge opportunities.

Break it up

Blogs are a great way of giving yourself maximum content with little effort. For example, if you write a ‘top tips’ blog, you have several tips you can then use as individual posts or vlogs. Use your own resources to save time.

Happy blogging and you know where we are if you need us!


Verity Wilkie
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