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Is It Worth Having A LinkedIn Business Page?

We get asked a lot whether or not it’s worth having a LinkedIn business page and the simple answer is, yes!

It’s a controversial one. Many experts will tell you it’s not worth the effort. Very few people see the posts, LinkedIn itself doesn’t really back it and it’s a lot of work for not a lot of return.

However, I’m of a different opinion. Having managed many LinkedIn business pages over the years, I can categorically tell you that in my experience, they are 100% worth the effort.

Of course, they take time and effort and no, your reach won’t be as high as your personal profile but that doesn’t mean it’s not worth giving it a go.

The truth is, it’s another platform. Another opportunity to showcase your products and services and that in itself is a good enough reason to set up and manage your LinkedIn business page.

So how can you make it work for you?

Firstly, it is a slow starter. There’s no denying it. It takes patience to make a LinkedIn business page work but speaking as someone who regularly gets business from it, slowly slowly, always catches the worm.

Unlike your personal profile, as a professional business page, you can delve a little more into sales and promotions. It should naturally have more of a business or corporate feel and should be company driven.

This is no place for personal content. This is solely about your business.

How should it look?

User friendly is the simplest explanation I can give to this question. Your LinkedIn business page should instantly be recognisable as your company and it should invite people in, so they want to follow you.

Branding is everything!

Your profile picture should be your logo. Make sure it fits. There is nothing worse than looking at a logo you can’t actually read because it doesn’t fit in the circle. Use an external website such as canva to size the image correctly.

Your banner should be inviting. It should paint a picture. There is no point in plastering your logo all over it. Consider what you do and the feelings that creates. Is there an image that really depicts the experience someone will get if they work with you?

Make sure you fully complete your ‘about’ section with as much information as possible. Break down your products and services and make it easy to read.

Unlike your personal page, you can focus more on the features with a LinkedIn business page rather than the benefits. Make it clear what people can expect from you.

Have a call to action at the bottom of your ‘about’ section. If you don’t tell your followers what you want them to do, they simply won’t do it.

Always make sure you have full contact details in there. And turn the location map on. The LinkedIn algorithms love locations.

When it comes to your content, make sure you are on brand. Every post should be recognisable as your business. You should always use your colours and it can be a good idea to create a few templates that are interchangeable for different posts. Again, a great platform for this is Canva.

What else do I need to know?

Analytics are a’plenty. We all know that I’m not a fan of vanity metrics but the analytics you can get from a LinkedIn business page can be extremely useful.

For example, you can break it down into follower locations, industry, company size and seniority. Therefore, really understanding your target audience, or more to the point, whether you are reaching the right people.

You can also follow trending content from a business page. You know those #’s that appear as ‘you’re trending in LinkedIn’? There is a ‘content’ button that allows you to search trending topics easily. A great way to quickly find topics that your followers are interested in.

Do you need to post daily?

No. Look at a LinkedIn business page as an added bonus. Two or three posts a week are fine. But make them good.

Your reach is going to be lower because unless you actively promote the page through your personal profile, no-one is going to see it.

Don’t be afraid to share your posts. As long as you have a continuous stream of unique and authentic content on your personal LinkedIn profile, sharing the business page will only act as a bonus.

LinkedIn is starting to get behind business pages and one of the ways they are doing so is by allowing you to invite your connections to follow.

Be warned. You only have 100 credits a month which means, if you go all out to invite every one of your connections, you will be stopped. Choose your connections well.

Consider who is likely to get the most from your page (who are your target audience) and invite them first.

Don’t spam! The reason you have a limited number of credits is because LinkedIn do not want you to spam your connections with your business page. Another reason to take your time and really think who you would like to follow your page.

There is so much more to a LinkedIn business page than we are covering today, including setting up events and showcase pages but that’s for another day.

For now, this should give you enough motivation to set up that page and start making it work for you.

You know where we are if you need us x

Verity Wilkie
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