How To Get Followers On Social Media

How to get followers on social media can be tricky. But ultimately, with the right strategy, it’s perfectly possible to build a great following with quality people.


That’s the key. There is no point to having thousands of followers on social media if they aren’t right for you. You could spend hours trying to attract page likes and connections when actually, these people will never be interested in doing real business with you.

That’s why it’s more important to focus on attracting the right followers to your social media pages rather than having the masses for the sake of it.

Many businesses think that page likes, page followers and connections give kudos, but it can actually do you more harm than good.

If you have too many followers on social media that aren’t engaging with you in any way, the algorithms are likely to decide that your content isn’t unique, authentic or in any way interesting. Then your reach falls.

So, it’s important to focus on the right audience for your page. But, how do you do that?

Quality or Quantity – LinkedIn

Firstly, before we go anywhere else, let’s just address this question. Is it more important to have quality connections or should you be more interested in quantity?

When it comes to LinkedIn, it’s not about whether someone is a quality connection for you, but more are you a quality connection for them? You can’t tell from the connection request if they are going to be of value because you don’t know who they are connected to.

The key is to get them to engage with you. Create content that drives engagement and the more people interact with it, the more of their connections will see it.

Who likes you?

A great way to gain new connections on LinkedIn is by keeping an eye on who likes your content. If they are a second-degree connection, send them a request. They are interested in something you have said so already, they are warm to your content.

Who’s looking at you?

Staying with LinkedIn for a moment, you need to check who’s viewing your profile. If you don’t have an upgraded version, then you will only be able to see the first few. That’s ok, we are not in any rush. Connect with those who have viewed your profile, something interested them enough to go there in the first place.

Be active

The more active you are on social media, the better. If you are engaging and adding value to other people’s posts, the connection requests and followers will come flooding in.

Group together

Groups are a fantastic way to gain followers. Especially on Facebook and LinkedIn. Get involved with groups that are relevant to your industry, even if you know your competitors are there. Your target audience will also be there and by engaging regularly in this way will gain you respect as an industry leader and ultimately, lead to new followers on social media.

Ask questions

It’s important to keep your followers engaged so ask questions and encourage them to engage with your posts. You need to get a balance though. If all you do is ask questions, it will become tedious quickly so couple it with information or entertaining posts.

The more your followers engage with your posts, the more likely they are to stay with you and ultimately, buy from you.

Industry leaders

Start following industry leaders, particularly on Twitter. These are not your competitors; these are people who could highlight your business with very little effort. Get involved in their conversations. Share your thoughts and opinions. Don’t be afraid to disagree politely as long as you can back your opinion up. Show yourself as a worthy source of information.

Tell people where to find you

Do you send out newsletters or have a website? Have you put your links everywhere? Make it as easy as possible for people to find you. Share your social media links on business cards, websites, newsletters, leaflets and any where else you promote your business.

Ask your Twitter followers to connect with you on LinkedIn. Do the same on your other platforms. The more content your followers see, the more engaged they become, the more they trust you and the likely they are to eventually buy from you.


I’m not normally a fan of social media competitions to drive followers. The most popular platform for this is Facebook. The problem is, if your prize has nothing to do with your business and all you’re doing is trying to drive traffic to your page, you are going to fall flat, fast!

You may end up with hundreds, or even thousands of new followers but they have no interest in you. All they want is the prize. Once the competition is over, they are going to switch off to your content and your engagement rate is going to drop through the floor.

If you’re going to do it, keep it relevant. Competitions can be extremely effective if they appeal to the right people. Your target audience. So, give something away that is directly related to your business, that way, not only are they watching because of the competition but you get to highlight your offerings and keep them interested long after it’s over.

Create a group

Groups are a fantastic way to get new followers on social media. Take note, groups are not an opportunity to sell, they need to have a purpose, something your members will benefit from.

If you get it right, it will establish you as an industry leader and it will drive followers to your page, but it can be hard work and slow to start.

You may find that you’re talking to yourself for a while but hang in there, someone will bite eventually and then the magic starts.

Not every industry will succeed with a group and you need to market it to appeal to your target audience. Is there a way you can help them with advice? Can you build a community of like-minded people? If you can, go for it!

Tweet, Tweet

If you want to gain followers on Twitter, you need to be present. Very present! You need to post consistently and most importantly, engage with others. Retweet, comment and love their tweets. The more active you are, the followers you will gain.

Optimise your time

It’s important to keep an eye on when your audience is most likely to be online. The chances are, a lookalike audience will follow suit so if you already have the right audience but want to expand, post at the times they are most likely to be active.

Always reply

Whether it’s a simple ‘thank you’ or a full opinion, always reply to every single comment you get on a post. It shows you are paying attention; it helps the algorithms to establish the popularity of the post and it creates intrigue. If someone sees there are 100 comments on a post, they will want to read them. Even if 50 of them are yours!

Ultimately, getting followers and connections on social media doesn’t need to be a chore but it does require you being active.

Get it right, you will attract the right audience, build a following of ‘raving fans’ and generate some serious business online.

Happy following.

You know where we are if you need us x

Verity Wilkie
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