How to be successful on LinkedIn

How to be successful on LinkedIn. Now that’s a minefield. Every day, someone asks me ‘How do I get leads from LinkedIn?’ or ‘What do I have to do to get noticed on LinkedIn?’

The truth is. It’s not rocket science. It’s about showing up, being present and doing the right thing while you’re there!

You will not succeed on this platform if you pop in once a week. It’s like networking. You attend one event, don’t get any leads and decide it’s not for you.

Any sensible business owner knows it doesn’t work that way. You have to show up time and time again and build those relationships. LinkedIn works in exactly the same way.

It’s not about ‘spammy’ messages. LinkedIn is NOT a quick fix!!! It’s about understanding your audience, being willing to give more than you receive and taking the time to build a long-lasting relationship with your connections.


My top tips on how to be successful on LinkedIn.

1 – Your LinkedIn profile is your shop window


Optimising your profile is key to gaining valuable connections on LinkedIn. It’s the first place people look. Imagine walking past a shop window and seeing nothing but empty shelves, would it entice you in?

Would it make you stop and think ‘Yes, I really think I’ve found what I’m looking for!” No. You would keep on walking.

Your LinkedIn profile is no different to this. Fill it with information so people know what they are getting. Tell people what you do and how you can help. If you miss this opportunity, your connections will simply scroll on by and find someone who hits the mark.

Optimising your profile means making it searchable. So, when people are looking for products or services in the search bar, they find you.

Your profile needs to be filled with keywords and phrases (it still has to make sense) and it has to have as much information in there as possible.

Go and ask a friend to take a look at your profile. Someone who doesn’t work in, or particularly understand your industry. Ask them to tell you how you can help in 3 seconds. If they can’t, it’s time for a refresh!


2 – Your headline


After your profile picture, your headline is the next thing your connections will see. This will define whether or not they actually go any further and delve into the rest of your profile, so you need to get it right.

There are two elements to consider here. Do you have searchable keywords or phrases in your headline? And does it tell people in simple terms how you are going to help them?

Don’t get snazzy! Your keywords should be exactly what people would use to search for you on Google. If you’re in Social Media Marketing, don’t put “Content Wizard’ because nobody on the planet is going to type that into a search bar!

Just keep it simple. 3-4 keywords or phrases and then a statement of HOW YOU CAN HELP. Note that at no point have I asked you to sell your services!!!


3 – Connect, connect, connect!


One of the common questions we get asked is ‘how many connections should I have on LinkedIn?’. And then comes the next question, ‘Should I go for quality or quantity?’

Here’s the thing. When someone sends you a connection request, how do you know if they are going to be a quality connection to you?

They may not be your target audience but who are they connected to? You really have no idea at this point if they will be valuable to you.

So, should you go for quantity? Well, here’s my theory;


You could have 10,000 connections and think you’re a rock star. But if you’re not putting great content out there or engaging in other conversations, hardly any of them will see you.

If they don’t see the value in you and don’t engage with your posts, then you may as well have 5 connections.

You could have 100 connections but you’re putting amazing content out there. The stuff that dreams are made of. And you’re all over LinkedIn, engaging left right and centre and suddenly, 90 of those connections are engaging with you.

Then their connections are seeing your content and they are engaging and so on. So, those 100 connections suddenly turn into 1000.


Do you see the answer in my examples?

Instead of asking whether a connection is quality for you, flip your mindset and ask if you’re a quality connection for them because as soon as you’ve got that in your head, everything else will follow.


4 – Engage on LinkedIn


We just touched on this, but the truth is, these days, content isn’t key! It’s now just as, if not more important to actually engage with others on LinkedIn.

The more you engage, the more you get seen. The more you get seen, the more connections you make. The more connections you make, the more you are establishing yourself as an industry expert.

So, get engaged, get involved in conversations and add value to everyone else’s content.


5 – Social proof


Testimonials and reviews are really important when it comes to LinkedIn. Your connections want to know what others are saying about you so sharing those testimonies will reinforce your expertise.

But that’s not enough. You have to give back so shouting about a service you’ve received and then leaving a recommendation for others is just as powerful as sharing your own. There are two key messages here;

  • Don’t shy away from blowing your own trumpet
  • Whatever you do, share the love!

Then there’s content but actually, I’m not going to go there today. Why? Because the truth is, when it comes to ‘how to be successful on LinkedIn’, content is just half the battle. If you’re not following the advice on everything else, your content isn’t going anywhere.

If you’re struggling for content ideas, you might like this!

Of course, there is a lot more to it than this but if you want to know how to be successful on LinkedIn, this is a great start!


You know where I am if you need me!


Verity Wilkie
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