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A Guide to Video Marketing

Hide all you like but video marketing is on the rise and nothing you can do will stop it. There’s no getting away from it.

Ever heard the saying ‘If you can’t beat them, join them’? Well, I’m throwing that right at you. Because if you’re not getting behind video marketing, you’re just getting behind. Fact!

Listen, I get it. It takes a huge amount of confidence to step in front of that camera but believe me when I say, you’re overcomplicating it.


If you attempt a video and post it on social media and receive negativity, that says more about them than it does about you and it’s highly unlikely it will happen. Unless of course, your strategy for video marketing is one of unpopular opinions and controversy!

This guide isn’t about professionally branded videos, this is about picking up your phone, holding it out in front of you and pressing record. The real you, not the branded you.

Here’s our most common video marketing questions, answered.

Is video marketing suitable for everyone?

Not to contradict myself but the sad fact is, video marketing is not for everyone. Occasionally, someone just doesn’t have the personality to create an engaging video and if this is the case, you shouldn’t try. Stick to the written word.

That’s not a criticism in any way, not everyone suits the camera. There is nothing worse than watching someone speak in monotone and the reality is, it can actually cause more damage than good.

However, that is not your excuse not to do this! You need to attempt it and then ask a friend who you know will be honest with you and get their opinion. Remember, your perception of yourself will be different to others so don’t take this one piece of advice and decide it’s not for you.

Should I put on a persona?

This leads me on nicely to my next tip for when it comes to video marketing. Personality matters. I don’t mean that you have to jump around like a lunatic, but you do need to be true to yourself.

Remember that the whole idea of social media and video marketing is to build trust.  If you try and be too professional or too out there and that’s not who you really are, when you finally get that meeting, your prospect will be sorely disappointed.

You have an opportunity with videos to let your followers and connections get to know you, so do just that. Allow them to see the real you.

Should I set up a YouTube channel?

If you’re going to embrace the world of videos, you will have to embrace YouTube. If you haven’t done so already, set up a YouTube account and start to promote it to gain subscribers.

YouTube is the second largest search platform so if you’re not using it, you could be missing out on huge opportunities.

It also allows you to edit and subtitle your videos without paying a fortune for an app so there are benefits to having an account even if you don’t list your videos.

Should I use subtitles in my videos?

In short, yes! On average, 92% of people will view your video on silent. Come on, admit it, how often do you actually click on the video to hear what they are saying?

It’s about making the experience as simple as possible. The majority of people scroll through social media so if you want them to stop and watch, make them!

There are apps that you can download, most have charges attached if you don’t want the watermark, but YouTube will do it for free.

It’s not great, I’ll admit. It’s slow to update and there is very little you can do to make it look attractive but for a freebie, it’s a good option.  Particularly when you are new to the world of video marketing.

Should I use video marketing to sell my products or services?

I have to take two viewpoints here because if we are talking about a professionally created branded video then obviously, the aim of this is to promote your company, your products and services.

However, as we are talking more about vlogs in this guide, the answer to this question is always, a big fat no!

Now, don’t get me wrong, just as it is with your written content, you are selling your business through selling yourself.  This strategy is called ‘social selling’.

Social selling is about telling a story rather than hitting your followers with a direct sales pitch. Connecting with them emotionally and your video marketing should be no different.

Should I position my camera horizontally or vertically?

This is a common question and if I’m honest, there is no simple answer. Social media platforms like both but something to bear in mind is that when you produce a vertical video, you may get those annoying black lines down the side.

Is it the end of the world if this happens? Not really but my advice on this subject would be to play around and see what you prefer.

My preference is horizontal. I like to see the bigger picture but that’s more a life motto than a video preference.

How long should my video be?

Queue a million different answers and a whole load of confusion. The general consensus is to keep it short. No more than 90 seconds but it really does depend on what you are talking about and how engaging you are.

It stands to reason that shorter videos are more popular because people are short of time. Remember they are scrolling so they are unlikely to sit for ten minutes to watch you babble on but if you have something really interesting to say, then don’t stress about it too much.

Personally, I would try and keep the majority of your videos as short as possible, however, make sure that doesn’t impact the message you are trying to get across.

What content is good for video marketing?

A better question may be ‘what isn’t good for video marketing?’ When it comes to video marketing, your content strategy shouldn’t be any different to what it would be for written content. Examples of good content for video marketing could be;

  • Top tips
  • Most popular questions
  • Testimonies
  • Shout out’s
  • How to
  • Explainer videos
  • Case studies
  • Weekly round up
  • Product review (your own product)

The list goes on and on. Ultimately, talk about what you know. Video marketing is there to show who you really are and to establish you as an industry expert.

Happy filming folks. You know where we are if you need us!

Verity Wilkie
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